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Poster: jonc Date: Aug 10, 2009 5:34pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Acacia Media Technologes

For years, Google/YouTube implemented no control over users uploading and showing copyrighted movies, with no rights or permissions. Hence, the Viacom lawsuit. But these are copyright issues.

Patents are a different monster, and an industry in themselves. There are companies that purchase patents and do nothing with them, waiting for somebody else to implement the same or a similar idea, then demand payment. Acacia is one of these. Then there are companies like Microsoft, who use patents like ammunition, making vague claims to scare customers away from other systems, implying that they might risk paying royalties to, or even litigation from, MS.

Acacia's claim is pretty broad, and it includes things ranging from online newscasts to distance education systems to P2P file sharing to, what else, online porn. Many settled with Acacia to avoid litigation. One group that did challenge their claim, though, was a consortium of online porn providers. I don't know what progress that case has made.

I don't think the Archive has anything to worry about. Acacia will go where the money is, and trying to squeeze royalties from IA would be a fruitless task.

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Poster: Fireball Steve Zodiac Date: Aug 10, 2009 6:39pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Acacia Media Technologes

I undertand your points. I raise this not so much for IA sake, but to inform everyone that this boondoggle, Acacia, is out there, and, having been victimized (I paid a negotiated royalty fee for one year), I think I should share the experience. Personally, I wish to believe that somehow the process of downloading or transfering A/V content is not patentable, that it is a result of other existing technolgy (the net, PCs, MACs, html, flash, photoshop, etc...) and to lay claim to it is not right (the transfer of data, no matter what form it takes, a text file, a jpeg, an avi file, it seems to me is below and at a fundamental level, and whether it is an Audio or Video file type is moot, it's ALL data), as a result a scare tactic to keep people like myself who have been streaming for years, at bay and cow towed.